Rabu, 25 Agustus 2010

Sepatu ANTIK Zaman FIRAUN. Unik Buanget Gan!!

1. Mediaeval Poulaines recovered from the Thames

2. Tutankhamen's sandals

3. Worlds oldest shoes, 10,000 year old Sagebrush bark sandals

4. Roman Leather Shoes from the Period of Constantine

5. Chinese flower pot sole clogs

6. 29 inch Venetian Chopines

7. 16th C cows mouth shoe

8. Qabaqib shoes for women in Turkish bathouses

9. Ancient Greek Pair of Terracotta Boots 900 BC

10. Late Mediaeval Patten shoe

11. Replica of 5000 year old shepherd shoes

12. 5500 year old leather shoe from Armenia


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